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Retrospective view of the year 2017

Sablés aux tomates et fromage
22. Dezember 2017
Auf Skitour in den Dolomiten
2. Januar 2018
  • January

    Over the turn of the year 2016/2017 we were in the beautiful Allgäu and again and again. It's a wonderful area at any time of the year and we just don't get tired of going there. At the end of January we went to Hamburg for a short weekend, visiting friends combined with a musical "Hinterm Horizont" by Udo Lindenberg. The musical is not a special highlight. More like a visit to our friends, who showed us Hamburg from the point of view of the "locals". Thank you very much for that.
  • March

    In March we went skiing. This time to Sölden in Austria. Unfortunately, I injured my knee during one of the descents, which then put me out of action for a few months "training-technically" - it was only cycling.
  • May

    In May for my mother's birthday we were in South Tyrol: surprisingly the weather was very wintry, it was snowing again. Actually, we wanted to lie by the pool and let the sun shine on our stomach. So we did some hikes into the South Tyrolean mountains instead. Not bad either.
  • June and July

    On many of the summer weekends we went to Allgäu. Also to train for the upcoming trekking tour in September in the Allgäuer mountain world. Partly with our friends Isolde and Hans or alone. Unfortunately, I still couldn't go jogging because of my knee injury, so I also trained in the evening in the Linsengerichter forest with my mountain bike. That was actually quite a lot of fun.
  • August

    In August friends from America visited us in the Allgäu: after a long time we saw each other again and went for a hike together with the three children. Also a wonderful weekend. Perhaps we will be able to make a visit to Washington DC in the first half of 2018? At the end of August Peter and I travelled to Scotland for a week. Among other things, we wanted to climb Ben Nevis together with a colleague from Scotland and a colleague from Germany. This is the highest mountain in Scotland. We had already arrived a week before to do some more tours, as it was our annual holiday together. Ben Nevis and actually the whole vacation fell into the water. It was raining almost permanently, except for one in eight days. On that day we climbed Ben Lawers and could see how fantastic the landscape can be in good weather. The Scots themselves know no bad weather: they even swim in the icy cold lakes when it rains. We climbed several mountains despite the bad weather. Some of the rain was so heavy that we had to blow-dry the shoes in the lodges in the evening. Compensated the weather with fantastic food: Lobster and other marine creatures.
  • September

    In September my big trip to Tibet was scheduled. I was excited because I had been drawn there for a long time, but it has never worked before. It was an exciting, great journey, which I can only now really appreciate by writing the travel reports on the web. There were so many impressions to process. The Tibetans have impressed me with their unshakeable faith. The trekking tour put me to the test: too little training (because I worked too much), which of course became obvious. But most of it is a mental thing and somehow it always works out. With more training I could have enjoyed it more. If I plan to do something similar again in 2018, I will definitely have to train a lot more. At the same time Peter was at the "Almabtrieb" in the Allgäu with the whole family and some friends (This is when the mountain farmers bring their cattle from the mountains back to the valley to make them "winterized".) Unfortunately, due to the trekking tour last year I was unable to attend the traditional meeting.
  • October

    In October we finally managed to visit my longtime girlfriend Ulrika with family (Hans and the two wonderful daughters Anna and Lisa) in Helsingborg, Sweden. What a great weekend! And what hospitality. We felt incredibly comfortable, we were received like kings. Every wish was read from our eyes. We were really enthusiastic about Anna and Lisa. That's where my friend Ulrika really did everything right.
  • December

    In December at Christmas time we went to Vienna. A trip we had given my parents on their 75th birthday. We were lucky with the weather. It was cold and mostly sunny. We have visited Christmas markets, visited the city and - at least mostly - eaten well. And: the Hotel Altstadt Vienna was a dream. Fantastic service and fantastic breakfast. We can really recommend it to you. And then for the year-end closing a highlight: New Year's Eve in the Dolomites. To ski touring and snowshoeing with our friends Isolde and Hans. We practically sunk into the snow. And: on the tours we were almost alone. Far away from the ski circus of the big ski resorts. No ski lifts or snow cannons. A rest for the soul. Simply great to end the year so wonderfully and welcome the new one.

Blogs are directly linked in the text (text in orange, e. g. Tibet, Dolomites). For all other trips you will find the year 2017 in pictures below.

Traveling is still the most beautiful leisure activity.

It was a wonderful year with many travel highlights. Of course, we also have to work in order to be able to afford these trips (and unfortunately sometimes too much of work working time compared to leisure - even if it does not sound like it), but in the end it is worth it if you are allowed to have such nice experiences. And of course, this is not only due to the travel destination, but also the people and friends with whom we can share these experiences together.

I keep getting aware of how privileged we are to have such friends. How many people can say that. Thank you all for that!

Snapshots 2017